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08 July 2013 @ 12:19 pm
[sticky post] TV Drama Land Your Polling Spot  
Here's where we host elections and suggestions and community-related polling!

There is a 3-season term limit here at tvdramaland.
After 3 seasons, your moderator status comes up for election.
You submit your name to the voting committee if you want to run for election or reelection.

Once the nominations are over (a period of one week) the polls are run to see who stays and who goes and who's replacing those that leave.

We also run thought-polls, which are community-related polls about information we'd like from you. What you'd like to see, what isn't working, what you want more of, what needs to change, etc.

And finally, this is the community you go to if you have suggestions for: activities/challenges, communities, mods and anything else.

Voting Committees

Members Only.